Calle Ocho Miami Carnival

Calle Ocho is the largest street party in the world where people from around the country gather to celebrate Miami and the hispanic community. The event takes place in the heart of Miami on SW 8th Street also known as Calle Ocho / Miami Carnival. This event features dozens if not hundreds of food vendors offering the best in hispanic food with all the variety to try new foods each time the event is held. Miami celebrates Calle Ocho with marching bands, parades, and concerts. Calle Ocho / Miami Carnival showcases the best in Miami culture with a variety of different Latin cultures in one enormous fun day-long party.  

Music, dancing, parades, latin culture and the best of Latin food.

Tourists throughout the world come to enjoy the event for the music, the partying, but mostly the food. The food at Calle Ocho offers all type of different choices from popular arepas to un cafecito and everything in between, The “Sabor Latino” is on full display as guests make their way through calle ocho to the different vendors. 

Miami Sabor Latino offered a little of everything including delicious Venezuelan arepas, Colombian empanadas, Mexican Street corn, chorizo on a stick and flan among other delicious options. Just a delight of flavors and exquisite options. 

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